Open House on the 24th, - 12 mid day to 5 pm.
從紅磚到全球品牌:台灣奇蹟的亞馬遜之旅 From Red Bricks to Global Brand: Taiwan’s Amazon Journey




玉龍龍積木磚 Cre8brick」的共同創辦人將於10月4日15:05,分享他們如何將台灣的紅磚轉化為亞馬遜的全球品牌。🌟




🧱🌍Remember the red bricks we played with as kids?

Today, they’re more than just bricks. They’ve become a source of pride for Taiwan, leading as a global brand!💫

Ever wondered how ancient red bricks and modern e-commerce can come together?

The co-founder of ‘玉龍龍積木磚 Cre8brick‘ will reveal all on October 4th at 3:05 PM, showing us the transformation from a local brick to a global Amazon brand.🌟

Come, feel, learn, and share! It’s never too late for any dream.✨

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